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10/24/2017 Published in Nature Communications: "High-harmonic generation in amorphous solids"
10/19/2017 Professors Abouraddy, Chang and Christodoulides honored as Luminary Leaders
11/14/2016 2016 Joint Attosecond MURI Annual Meeting
7/20/2016 Paper by Professor Zenghu Chang among the top downloads of the Journal of the Optical Society
4/6/2016 Professor Zenghu Chang receives Pegasus Professor award
11/12/2015 2015 Joint-Attosecond-MURI Annual Meeting
12/22/2014 Graduate Student Yan Cheng Receives Northrop Grumman Scholarship

Two papers by Zenghu Chang featured in Nature Photonics

Streak field measurements of surface photoelectron ejection

Nature Photonics published a focus issue on Attosecond Photonics. Professor Zenghu Chang is co-author on the commentary paper and he and members of his group are authors on a review paper. 

What will it take to observe processes in 'real time'?

Stephen R. Leone, C. William McCurdy, Joachim Burgdörfer, Lorenz S. Cederbaum, Zenghu Chang, Nirit Dudovich, Johannes Feist, Chris H. Greene, Misha Ivanov, Reinhard Kienberger, Ursula Keller, Matthias F. Kling, Zhi-Heng Loh, Thomas Pfeifer, Adrian N. Pfeiffer, Robin Santra, Kenneth Schafer, Albert Stolow, Uwe Thumm & Marc J. J. Vrakking.

Even for simple systems, the interpretations of new attosecond measurements are complicated and provide only a glimpse of their potential. Nonetheless, the lasting impact will be the revelation of how short-time dynamics can determine the electronic properties of more complex systems.

Methods for attosecond pulse compression

The generation, characterization and applications of broadband isolated attosecond pulses

Michael Chini, Kun Zhao & Zenghu Chang

This review discusses significant recent advances in the generation, characterization and application of ultrabroadband isolated attosecond pulses with a spectral bandwidth comparable to the central frequency, which can in principle be compressed to a single optical cycle.


Posted Monday, March 3, 2014

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