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11/14/2016 2016 Joint Attosecond MURI Annual Meeting
7/20/2016 Paper by Professor Zenghu Chang among the top downloads of the Journal of the Optical Society
4/6/2016 Professor Zenghu Chang receives Pegasus Professor award
11/12/2015 2015 Joint-Attosecond-MURI Annual Meeting
12/22/2014 Graduate Student Yan Cheng Receives Northrop Grumman Scholarship
12/8/2014 Special ultrafast science seminar: "Advancing Ultrashort Laser Pulse Technology: Controlling Ultrafast Electron Motion"
11/21/2014 Seminar: "Novel femtosecond lasers for driving attosecond generation" by Dr. Zhiyi Wei

2015 Joint-Attosecond-MURI Annual Meeting

Thursday, November 12, 2015 8:30 AM to Friday, November 13, 2015 3:00 PM
Physical Science Building, room PS160

Thursday, Nov. 12 MURI-1 Post-Born-Oppenheimer dynamics using isolated attosecond pulses
Friday, Nov. 13 MURI-9 Studying ultrafast electron dynamics in condensed matter with next generation attosecond x-ray sources

2015 attosecond MURI annual meeting schedule.pdf

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